INTERMEDIATE: 12mos - 3yrs

INFANT: 6wks - 12mos


Your child will participate in activities that strengthen social, emotional, cognitive and fine and gross motor skills. Creative music, books, arts and crafts, games and dramatic play will help your child learn and develop skills that will enhance future school experiences. Our curriculum introduces whole language, assisting in the development of vocabulary and reading proficiencies.  Your child will be stimulated with hands-on learning in math and science, as well as imaginative play, and creativity, promoting a natural love of learning.

Our pre-kindergarten program was created using the best components of carefully researched and selected curricula in literacy, math, science, art, and foreign language instruction.  Small classes, interactive learning and small group projects help pre-kindergartners in decision-making and problem-solving abilities. The curriculum continues with a more advanced literacy program, including reading and handwriting, as well as a comprehensive, cutting-edge science and mathematics program.  

During the school year, we provide care before and after school, as well as on holidays and in-service days. The children will receive help with their homework and they will have opportunities to participate in outdoor play, cooking, computer lab, multicultural experiences and much more!  During the summer, your child may attend the full day program designed for adventure and excitement. Water play, field trips, speakers, arts and crafts, sports, dance, music programs and more are all available in the summer program!

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SCHOOL AGE: 5 - 13yrs

PRESCHOOL: 3 - 4yrs

Our terrific toddlers are busy all day long; with energetic teachers and a small group atmosphere providing the ideal environment for your child to learn and grow. During the school day, your child will engage in gross and fine motor activities. Teachers will introduce concepts such as sharing, speaking, self-discipline and simple table manners. Your child will also be provided with a variety of cognitive concepts; with introduction to colors, numbers, shapes, letters, as well as sign language and Spanish.

We believe infants need to be held and nurtured.  Our infant program provides tender care and guidance from affectionate, loving teachers.  Through our curriculum, we will encourage your child to communicate by playing simple games like peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake.  We strive to provide individualized attention that will help develop the key infant and toddler experiences for language, social, motor and cognitive development.   We will provide you with a complete record of your child's day including eating, sleeping and diapering.